Valves for the Power Industry

Vogt valves are used in the steam and power industry for over a century.

Vogt Power Products are specially designed and customized to be suitably installed in a wide range of applications including steam, hot condensate, gas and liquids, typically present in Power stations, Chemical plants, Refineries and Paper mills.

Our forged Y-Pattern globe and check valves offer is now extended to include as well 4500 class valves and a complete new range of body materials from US and Italian sources.

We now introduce in partnership with the OMB’s group the new range of Vogt Pressure Seal valves, Control Valves, Triple Offset Valves and Desuperheater.

Reliable... The Vogt Valve Design Offers These Advantages

  • Proven design with a long history of application

  • Wide range of design to meet any industry requirements

  • Forged construction for higher reliability

  • In-house engineering, machining, assembly, welding and testingfor complete traceability and process control

  • New: USA and Italian forging sources only


An example of use of the complete product range is in a desuperheating system (as shown in the picture above) and it includes:
• Stop and Check Valves (Steam and Water lines)
• Control Valves (Steam and Water lines)
• Desuperheater and injection chamber (downstream steam PCV)
• Electronic and pneumatic accessories to complete the control loop.


Vogt Company Profile

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