Pipeline Gate

Vogt offers Pipeline Gate valves for drilling, pipeline transportation, distribution, and storage service.
Our production line are designed and qualified to API6A and APID.
API6A: we manufacture Gate valves up to 13” in 3000 to 15000 class.
API6D: we manufacture Gate valves up to 48” in 150 to 2500 class.

Pipeline Gate valves are preferred for easy passage of pigs, wipers, and scrapers, for low costs, limited space applications and lower weight for installation. 

Pipeline Gate valves are manufactured with forged and cast  steel or fabricated bodies with a wide the choice of body and trim materials including regular and low temperature carbon steel or any kind of stainless or exotic nickel alloys material. All our material sources are either from USA or Italy.

Soft seated valves with different thermoplastic insert configuration plus o-rings can be used from -50°F/-46°C to +390°F/+200°C temperature range while metal seated plus graphite seals for high temperature application up to 750°F/400°C. Stringent leakage rate available even for metal to metal design.

Stem seal design includes different solutions such as:
- Graphite packing API 622 qualified,
- Multi ”V” Packing chevron
- Bushing with double o-rings.
Standard design offered with single grease injector in the stem sealing area.

Available configurations include:
• Slab Type
• Double Expanding Gate
• Conpact Double Expanding Gate

All valves can be supplied manual or actuator operated.

Product Line:

TCS series - API6D Pipeline Slab Gate

TCE series - API6D Pipeline Expanding Gate

TCC series - API6D Pipelene Expanding Gate Compact



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