Non-slam Check

Axial and Dual Plate Check Valves

Vogt offers a wide range of non slam check valves specifically designed for fast reversing systems where back-flow is a constant concern.
Valves are available as axial check or dual plate in various body configurations, materials of construction and pressure ratings.
These types of valves provide quick dynamic response reducing reverse velocity by spring force action.
Valve trims are designed to minimize the pressure loss and the effect of water hammer.
All valves have retainerless construction with no welded or bolted external part in order to eliminate the potential risk of fugitive emission to the atmosphere.
Standard design is metal seated with hard faced seat while dual plate valves are available also soft seated as option.
The metal to metal design valve is inherently fire-safe.

Product Line:

AXC series - API6D Axial Ckeck Valves

DPCV series - API6D Dual Plate Check Valves



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