Vogt now offers a complete range of Floating and Trunnnion Mounted Ball valves in forged and cast materials. 
We offer a choice of soft and metal seated trims. 
Material include Low Temperature Carbon steels, Stainless, Nickle Aluminium Bronze, Nicklel Alloys and Exotic material only from US and European sources. 

All valves are certiffied to API641 for low Fugitive Emission.
Available configurations include:
• API608 Side Entry Floating
• API608 Top Entry Floating
• API6D Side Entry Trunnion
• API6D Top Entry Trunnion
• API6D Fully Welded Trunnnion
• API6A Trunnion
• Modular valves

All valves can be supplied manual or actuator operated.


Product Line:

BSE  series - API6D Side Entry Ball Valves 

BTE  series - API6D Top Entry Ball Valves 

WSE  series - API6D Welded Body Ball Valves 



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